The revolutionary, powerful, innovative

TenX Coupler

Ten years in the making? Ten times better? Ten times safer? Or is it the tenth generation coupler design to be produced by one of the world's leading coupler manufacturers? Whichever way you look at it, TenX is here. And it's going to make a splash.
Available in Wedgelock Weight Classes from 028 to 450. From 2.5T to 50T


The coupler that ticks ALL the boxes


The coupler is LOCKED to the attachment and SAFE as soon as the first pin is engaged.

The Fastest to Safe quick coupler on the market.


Coupler is ready for re-attachment immediately after disengagement.

No waiting for reset, no buttons to press. Just engage the second attachment immediately.


Safety Arm maintains pin-to-wedge relationship in the event of loss of engagement force.

The Safety Arm engages automatically with Wedge.


Increased Working Load Limits allow lifting capability of the carrier machines to be maximised.

The coupler will not be the limiting factor in what you can safely lift.


All TenX couplers include the Multi-Model capability, allowing them to connect to almost all attachments in the coupler's weight class. A variety of pin diameters is also accommodated.

We would say 'all' attachments, but there is a small amount of rare exceptions across the weight ranges.

Easy Install

TenX couplers are easily installed to any two-line factory fitment setup. The attach/detach operation can be controlled by an OEM cabin switch, rocket switch or our own lock-out switch.
Different brands of excavator have many variable requirements, but TenX installs to them all – simply.

Simple Operation

Below is the instruction decal that will be affixed to the inside of the cab.
A simple two-step operation is all that's required for detaching from an attachment; press the button, then lift away. To attach, engage the attachment then press the button. Simple.
Note that depending on the machine some engine pressure will be required, and the more that is applied, the faster the operation will occur. Also, some brands of excavator may require a slightly different sequence to complete the detach/attach operation.


The coupler that ticks ALL the boxes

Tilt Coupler

Available in Wedgelock Weight Classes from 028 to 045. From 2.5T to 50T
TheTenX Tilt Coupler has all the features of the standard TenX Coupler with the addition of the Helac® PowerTilt® Actuator for added versatility.

PowerTilt Actuator

The PowerTilt Rotary Actuator consists of Helac’s innovative sliding-spline operation technology converting linear piston motion into powerful shaft rotation. Regarded as the world leader in rotary actuation, installing a PowerTilt will increase productivity and make your excavator more versatile. Combined with the I-Lock, these two technologies ensure uncompromised safety with enhanced precision and control.

Tilt Angles

The mini Tilt Coupler range will angle up to 90 degrees either side, while in weight classes over 10 tonne the tilt angle is 60 degrees either side.
The HELAC PowerTilt Rotary Actuator Circuit Pressure Range is 207 Bar (applies to all models).