Excavator Models


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The model numbers shown below are the latest model groups without version or option suffixes. If your model isn't showing, choose the model of the machine that either supersedes yours or most closely matches it in weight. If you are in doubt, contact Wedgelock.
*NOTE: There is something about this model that you need to know. Contact us for more information.
We have endeavoured to cover the most popular and up-to-date brands of excavator available in New Zealand. But we are aware that there are additional makes and sub-divisions that are not included in our list.

If you are looking for attachments to fit a brand of excavator that is not showing, the chances are that your particular brand may be based on one of the brands that we do cover. For a recent example, IHI branded excavators have recently been incorporated into the KATO brand.

To find attachments to fit your excavator model, select a similar or equivalent model from a brand that closely resembles your own in specifications. Then check the model numbers. For example, if your model number is AA26, and the Hitachi ZX26 has same or similar specs to your machine, click on the ZX26 link to see compatible attachments*.

*NOTE: When ordering attachments you will have to furnish the brand and model number of your attachment to ensure correct fitment.

Excavator Model Numbers

The model numbers in our database have been stripped of the suffixes that denote varieties, accessories and/or model year. If your excavator model number is TXX205DR-7LC and our link is TXX205, use this model to find attachments to fit your machine.

On very rare occasions, a new iteration of a particular model may have grown in size/weight to the point that it jumps weight classes, and hence alters its attachment requirements. If this has happened, we will make a note of it.